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  1. Lower Antelope Canyon (slot canyon), Navaho Reservation, Page Arizona. This is a bucket list hike. Must be done with a Native American guide.
  2. African Gray Hornbill, Kruger National Park, South Africa
  3. Bowen Falls, Milford Sound, New Zealand. One of the year around falls. They installed a small hydroelectric station at the top of the falls, which powers the small city at the head of Milford Sound. (My wife, Leslie, volunteered to stand in front to provide scale to the picture). The falls are 531 feet tall.
  4. Elk Lake, Oregon and Mt. Bachelor (from my deck}
  5. Sunset cloud formation in the Sulfur Springs Valley north of Whitewater Draw, Arizona
  6. Raptor free flight program, Sonoran Desert Museum, Tucson.
  7. Mt Cook across Lake Tekapo, South Island, New Zealand
  8. The Queen Butterfly often is sharing the same space with birds, but needs to be careful not to be included in the food chain.
  9. I was barbecuing last night and throwing the ball for my dog when I had this visitor in the tree next to my yard.
  10. New Zealand, South Island, Fiordland, Milford Sound
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