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  1. This is the same bird. A Vermillion Flycatcher. It owned the geography around our campsite at Patagonia Lake State Park in Arizona. This included hanging our on the top of my Suburban antenna. Sitting in in every tree for long periods watching us, and periodically attacking the interloper that kept showing up in my car mirror. It has an orange spot on its breast. We decided to name him "Spot" as he became part of our camping family.
  2. We just got back from Patagonia Lake State Park in Arizona. The first morning I was there I looked up and saw this Common Black Hawk flying by. It was the first sighting since January. It is estimated that there are only 250 breeding pairs in the US. I threw my camera up and took a few shots. This is what I was able to get.
  3. This is the male Great Horned Owl on overwatch protecting the three baby owls this morning.
  4. There may be a genetic link between Sea Lions that like to lay on their backs into the sun and my Golden Retriever who likes to do the same thing.
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