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  1. Chiricahua National Monument, Southeast Arizona. Rock formations and monuments very similar to Bryce Canyon, Utah, but with very few visitors.
  2. House Sparrow, South Africa. Is considered an invasive species in South Africa.
  3. Fiscal Flycatcher, Kruger National Park, South Africa
  4. We went to Whitewater Draw yesterday to see Sandhill Cranes. Normally, if you get there at noon, you get there in time to see the birds return from feeding in the Sulfur Springs Valley. But, yesterday, by noon almost all of them were back knee deep in water at the refuge. There are probably about 20,000 there now. There was one time during the day when they lifted off to change places in the refuge and filled the sky. Cool!
  5. I'm pointing right at it. Just follow my beak. It's right up there.
  6. I think this is right. The green undertail may be a reflection from the foliage in the shade.
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