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  1. initially i posted a picture of a bird earlier this month that was identified as a common ground pigeon. however i failed to note that another bird was pursuing this bird. can anyone identify the pursuer? sadly, the camera focus was on the pigeon, not this bird. thanks.
  2. all the feedback is appreciated. so rock pigeon or common ground dove? the barn is over 100' from the camera. the camera zooms a bit when it snaps photos. the bird is likely 30' from the camera. would this be a small bird or a medium sized bird in the photo?
  3. there is an abundance of wildlife in this area & i am blessed with good photos of them via these game cameras. here is another pic. idk what bird this is. the pigeon was taken 2021. the below was 2015.
  4. thanks. there are some pigeons/doves in the area. the wildlife camera caught this one in flight. couldn't have asked for a better subject!
  5. a friend believes this is a hawk. idk what bird this is. we live in central north florida. can anyone identify the bird? thanks.
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