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  1. After looking closely at the northern flicker I decided it is close enough. The tail coloring was close to what I remember! Thank you both for helping 🦅
  2. The flicker is close, the black band is about right, the underside is also close, I’m sure they were adults, didn’t notice any speckling. And no orange on the chest. They were shoulder to shoulder on the fence eating grapes 🙂
  3. Sorry no pics. It took a few minutes to notice that not all the robins on the fence were alike. 2 of them did not have orange breasts, but did have a black stripe just below the neck. Also when they flew the underside of the wings was mostly orange and about half of the underside of the tail. I’m sure they are robins but can’t find any pics to verify. Salt Lake City ut. 01, 10, 21
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