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  1. looks like a Swallow-tailed Kite, flat flight profile and forked tail
  2. Is the flaired coverts display just a coop thing or do sharpies do it also?
  3. Saw a bird in Buffalo Wyoming today that I think is the same bird as on the cover of Sibley Birds West but I can't find it in the text. Guess I need to study the book more. Thanks for the help
  4. Imm. Bald eagles; massive beak and mottled white on wings and body. Imm Golden's only have a a white spot on the wrist and a white band on the tail, no white on the head or back.
  5. Lake DeSmet, Johnson County, Wyoming today Huddled down against the wind, bird in the center and bird in lower left side showing part of the bill, which is long with a very slight upturn
  6. the inside of the mouth being pink means it's a fledgling
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