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  1. 3 hours ago, Seanbirds said:

    A distinct white rump is a feature few medium-sized birds in your area have. Would reddish underwings and/or early morning light account for the "rust chest"?

    Flickers can have more decurved bills than most woodpeckers.

    Hard to say, it was mid day, but light was behind him.  Probably flicker, thank you!


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  2. I'm in SoCal, went on a hike in an open space wooded area (lots of oaks) and saw a type of thrasher, when it flew he had a white patch at the top of the tail (can't see it when wings folded over when branched.  Rust colored belly.  Thrasher curved bill.  I've looked thru my bird book and online, but none mention the big white patch at top of the tail in flight.  Any ideas?  Or even flicker?  But it had curved bill. No song, but a call, like "eeuu" in a descending way. Thanks in advance! 

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