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  1. Thank you so much Aaron, First sighting of this bird for me in our area. They are plentiful right now at the feeders...
  2. This might be some kind of blackbird, but markings are mysterious to me... Please help with identification if you know this one... thank you.
  3. Just one week ago, October 16th this year 2020, Vancouver, Washington in a large open field. This bird is there most every day along with Killdeer also, but don't know what bird this is and would appreciate help with this one. Thank You.
  4. Birds I see every day in the large open field now, in the month of October this year 2020. Would love to know what these are. Very pretty. Will be working on getting better photos. Thanks for help with ID on these...
  5. Thank you so very much. There are lots of these right now and beautiful lively birds that are fun to watch. I appreciate your help with this.
  6. One more of the same bird... You guys are good, I'm at a loss on this one, kinda mixed up to me...
  7. Portland, Oregon today June 17th this bird is a mystery to me as does not conform to any other reference photos I have. Structure looks like possible female Red Winged Black Bird? Need help with this one... Thank You...
  8. This guy is banging on this road sign every morning on our walk. I hear they do this to attract a mate. He's noisy and sounds like an impact wrench... Would like to find out exactly what kind of woodpecker this is. Near Portland, Oregon this morning near the Columbia River.
  9. Wow, I appreciate that help so much. So, the babies are out and about and growing already... I'm not sure of the time when eggs are laid and how long until they are hatched, then is it only a few months that they begin to look like this? Thanks akandula!
  10. This guy, or gal, looks like a mixture of Male and Female Red-winged Blackbird... I tend to think Male... What is going on here? Red wing is almost there but not pronounced, or did I get the name of this bird entirely wrong? Portland, Oregon today near the Columbia River. Thanks for your help on this.
  11. This explains a lot. I watch birds in our area constantly and this one has escaped me, until now, after I put out a Suet feeder, THEN they came out... Fruit and nuts and seeds not as interesting to them I guess... live and learn. Thanks to ALL who chimed in here on this bird I SHOULD KNOW... I appreciate.
  12. That's hilarious, and thank you for that tip. A great idea for photography!
  13. The first I've ever seen of this bird in our area today, March 16th, near Portland, Oregon by the Columbia River. Need help identifying this one please...
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