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  1. I do not know what kind of bird this is but today, middle of winter near the feeder, this little guy showed up. We are in Portland, Oregon and near the Columbia River... Thanks In Advance for your help.
  2. I'm such a beginner with identification. Now I understand much better, thanks again for your great help.
  3. Today, March 31st, near the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon, I'm at a loss to identify this duck. Can you identify this one please.
  4. My Thanks to IvoryBillHope and The Bird Nuts for this identification. I appreciate very much.
  5. I do not have an identification on these but saw today, March 31, near the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon. May be a female and male of same kind. Can you identify?
  6. This one is as little as a sparrow... That's why I was thrown off... I know it's spring, I don't know when babies are born, but could this be a youngster?
  7. I'm at a crossroads with this one, markings, beak, just do not match unless it is a very small young female Red-winged Blackbird... I really don't know... Can you help me?
  8. Thank You, - I should know - but now I see, this bird comes in many different appearances. What should I look for to help identify this bird in the future... is it the head shape and beak?
  9. I'm not sure what this bird is, I captured this pic in the setting sun so very dark. I lightened in photoshop a bit so could see the bird a bit better... Need help identifying this one please... Today, March 19th, Portland, Oregon neat the Columbia River...
  10. Thank You guys, I never know what I'm going to see really, and have never seen one of these. It's what keeps me curious and going out and looking every day... Thanks Again!
  11. March 18th, in a wetland near the Columbia River, Portland, Oregon. Need help identifying...
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