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  1. Fantastic. I'm thrilled to know what this is as I don't remember seeing one before. Thank You HamRHead!
  2. I don't have confidence in identifying this one from today at the Ridgefield, Washington wildlife refuge. I'm guessing sparrow, but what type I do not know... please help.
  3. Thanks for filling in on the other 'more possible' reason for the 'strafe' and learning a new word there also. Good group. Thank You!
  4. Got me, and now I cannot edit this, apparently there is a time frame for editing. I'll watch it more carefully and don't know how this one got by... Thanks for the heads up!
  5. The Eagles are driven off to parts unknown, all because of the heroic defending of family by the little Yellow-rumped Warbler... Good job!
  6. One more of little bird then 'Yellow-rump' it is... Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler is what I find in this range, southwestern Washington in the winter.
  7. Okay, I was suspecting... Both Eagles in a pair took off when the sparrow started hovering and then getting closer... like it was bugging them, just being a pest. Even after the Eagle takes off the sparrow continues to 'be a part of' what is going on...
  8. I was taking pictures of an Eagle pair in a tree today, not near their own nest but out and about hunting I suspect. All of a sudden a sparrow came close and started 'hovering' nearby. Then the sparrow started flying right into the Eagle pair and the Eagles decided to leave. In this picture, the sparrow is flying right past the Eagle's head. After this picture the Sparrow stayed with the top Eagle for quite a distance as they two flew away. Taken today, January 21st at Southwest Washington State at the Ridgefield Wildlife Preserve. Does anyone have any comment or idea of what goes on with this behavior? The Sparrow was not attacking but I don't really know what was going on... Thanks for any insight into this behavior...
  9. From this morning, February January 21, 2022, at Ridgefield, Washington. I'm pretty sure this is not a Red Tailed Hawk this time but looks more like an Eagle, to me at least... Can you give me an idea of what age this bird might be? I understand they are in this changing state during the first four years of their lives... Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  10. This is in Southwest Washington State at the Ridgefield Wildlife Area. Thanks to everyone here for squaring me away on the first thing... the identity of the species. Red Tailed Hawk it is and you guys are so very valuable for helping.
  11. This little guy must be pretty young but I'm not sure of how to estimate how old he is... I appreciate your help with this... Thank You in advance...
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