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  1. Thank You, Now is the time to see and take pictures as no foliage for them to hide in.
  2. From this morning, February January 21, 2022, at Ridgefield, Washington. I'm pretty sure this is not a Red Tailed Hawk this time but looks more like an Eagle, to me at least... Can you give me an idea of what age this bird might be? I understand they are in this changing state during the first four years of their lives... Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  3. This is in Southwest Washington State at the Ridgefield Wildlife Area. Thanks to everyone here for squaring me away on the first thing... the identity of the species. Red Tailed Hawk it is and you guys are so very valuable for helping.
  4. This little guy must be pretty young but I'm not sure of how to estimate how old he is... I appreciate your help with this... Thank You in advance...
  5. Thank You Guys, You are the best and my heartiest holiday greetings and good wishes to each of you. I appreciate so much your help with this. Ken
  6. Bravo helpful and knowledgeable folks here on Whatbird! I send thanks to you also for the lady who will now hear what it is that she wanted to know, thanks to each of you. Much appreciation as always.
  7. Poor quality photo outside through window glass, Port Orchard, Washington today, August 5th. Would appreciate if anyone has an idea of what bird this is. Thank You.
  8. Thank You dear knowledgeable people. I appreciate and also my friend who has just moved to the area. Thank You.
  9. Sorry for the poor quality photos but some clue of this unidentified bird. Can you identify this one?
  10. You are too kind. I should have thought first, this is a area of reeds that is teeming with Male RWBB's... so why didn't I think logical first... yes the female would be here also... Thank You for helping again... I appreciate...
  11. Perfect, and really, I miss so many times, your help is invaluable. I'll go back and study so I can get it right next time (I hope.)
  12. There you go... I'm just floored to get this wrong (again) and why this group is such a life-saver. Thank You and it makes sense as Male RWBB's are everywhere in this area.
  13. It looks to be, but only the experts here can confirm and help so I'm not way off track again... Thanks In Advance...
  14. This bird, taken today, March 17th, 2021, at the Ridgefield, Washington National Wildlife Reserve, acted like a woodpecker but I do not find any woodpecker that looks like this bird. I need help identifying please.
  15. Thanks Everyone. Fabulous that you have helped with this. I'm learning but you are so far advanced and I appreciate your help. Ken
  16. Got this photo at the wetland at Ridgefield, Washington National Wildlife Refuge today... Need help identifying... TIA, Ken
  17. Thank you so much Aaron, First sighting of this bird for me in our area. They are plentiful right now at the feeders...
  18. This might be some kind of blackbird, but markings are mysterious to me... Please help with identification if you know this one... thank you.
  19. Just one week ago, October 16th this year 2020, Vancouver, Washington in a large open field. This bird is there most every day along with Killdeer also, but don't know what bird this is and would appreciate help with this one. Thank You.
  20. Birds I see every day in the large open field now, in the month of October this year 2020. Would love to know what these are. Very pretty. Will be working on getting better photos. Thanks for help with ID on these...
  21. Thank you so very much. There are lots of these right now and beautiful lively birds that are fun to watch. I appreciate your help with this.
  22. One more of the same bird... You guys are good, I'm at a loss on this one, kinda mixed up to me...
  23. Portland, Oregon today June 17th this bird is a mystery to me as does not conform to any other reference photos I have. Structure looks like possible female Red Winged Black Bird? Need help with this one... Thank You...
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