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  1. I'm at a crossroads with this one, markings, beak, just do not match unless it is a very small young female Red-winged Blackbird... I really don't know... Can you help me?
  2. Thank You, - I should know - but now I see, this bird comes in many different appearances. What should I look for to help identify this bird in the future... is it the head shape and beak?
  3. I'm not sure what this bird is, I captured this pic in the setting sun so very dark. I lightened in photoshop a bit so could see the bird a bit better... Need help identifying this one please... Today, March 19th, Portland, Oregon neat the Columbia River...
  4. Thank You guys, I never know what I'm going to see really, and have never seen one of these. It's what keeps me curious and going out and looking every day... Thanks Again!
  5. March 18th, in a wetland near the Columbia River, Portland, Oregon. Need help identifying...
  6. This has the look of a Sparrow but does not fit any that I've seen here in Portland, Oregon, just this weekend, early March, and near the Columbia River... Can you help me identify?
  7. Thank You Guys, Live and learn, first one of these I've seen in our area... The feeder is bringing them in, why didn't I put one up sooner, anyway... got it up and away in a nice safe place for them... Thanks Again!
  8. Today, February 23, Portland, Oregon near the Columbia river. It's winter so I know birds don't always conform to the way I think they should look, but believe this is a sparrow, but not sure what kind... can you help me identify?
  9. Really?, Okay, Seems to be a mixture of 'slate colored' and Oregon variety is best I can tell from my ID app... Thank You guys, You got it! And now I see, 'pink-sided' also... I appreciate your help with this very much. Thanks Again...
  10. This, I saw yesterday, February 21, so still winter, about the size of a Goldfinch but the markings are not right and the beak looks slightly more pointed than a Goldfinch... Portland, Oregon, near the Columbia river... can you help me identify this one? tia, - Ken
  11. This is in Portland, Oregon, taken today near the Columbia River. Thanks for the I.D. guys, I appreciate very much.
  12. I've been watching birds around my home for years, yet have not identified this one yet... I have Dark-eyed Junco's but this is different I do believe... Do you recognize? tia, Ken...
  13. A friend insists they are Starlings, I cannot find in WhatBird app so I suspect they are something I've never taken pictures of before... Portland, Oregon, November 18th, 2018... in an open field near the Columbia River...
  14. Portland, Oregon about 3pm today at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens, I don't have any idea as a Blue Jay has different markings and this one is entirely blue... beautiful but not sure what it is... Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated... TIA, Ken
  15. Never seen this one before... Does someone know what the name of this one is? In last light of day...
  16. I'm looking in the iBird PRO app on my phone and that does look like it. Thank You akiley
  17. This, in a dry field near Vancouver, Washington, near the Washington - Oregon border near the I-5 freeway, this morning, August 18th, 2018 not sure what this one is and please help...
  18. Thank You akiley, I'll learn these yet. I've seen one of these in this area in the past, but it was over 5 years ago... lots of small birds around here but a variety enough to keep me guessing. I'll add this to my 'favorites' in my birding app. - Much Appreciation
  19. Near Vancouver, Washington, near the Oregon - Washington border near the I-5 freeway in a dry field this morning, August 18th, 2018 - I'm not sure what this is...
  20. Jerry Friedman and HamRHead, Thank You Sincerely... wonderful to have your help with this... I appreciate.
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