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  1. The easiest way to prevent squirrels from eating bird seeds is to hang the bird feeder away from the trees, or put it in the middle of the yard where there is no cover. Hanging the feeder on a fishing line doesn't always work. A divider can be used instead. This is an effective method to keep squirrels away from bird seeds if the squirrel dares to climb into the bird's feeder. Squirrels hate the smell of cayenne pepper, white pepper, black pepper, or garlic. Sprinkle pepper on the yard or the area around the birds, sure to keep the annoying squirrels away for a while.
  2. Attracting an oriole bird can be difficult, but if you know how to attract them by providing the foods they prefer, you can have these beautiful birds in your backyard as soon as possible by making a feeder for oriole birds, which does not have to be expensive.
  3. How to make an Oriole feeder at home at no cost: I used a bale and a Deli cup to make the Oriole feeder. I used baling wire and a Deli cup to make an Oriole feeder. The first step is to drill some small holes at the bottom of the deli cup. Then, I made a circle with wire that is just the right size to carry the deli cup. It is recommended to use pliers to secure and tighten. The next step is to bend the baling wire end to hang the deli cup onto the Poole feeder. Finally, I put their favorite food in that homemade feeder, which is jelly. As expected, the orioles proved to be very fond of them.
  4. In addition to the difference in external characteristics, the robin and the oriole also have different habits and habitats. The oriole lives on higher branches because the robin hunts for worms and insects on the ground, whereas the robin hunts for worms and insects on the ground.
  5. Robin and Oriole have a lot in common. If you only look at them once, it is difficult to tell them apart. Both species have orange breasts. However, Robins are bigger than orioles in overall size. Robins have a round and stout body, a gray head, back, and wings, while the Oriole is slimmer with a glossy black head, back, and wings.
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