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  1. It could be. I thought there weren’t enough black at the tip of the wings. Could they be molting? And the whole white one is probably not a California Gull.
  2. Hello, I saw three gulls in Pleasanton, CA flying together but they looked different. One was entirely white from underneath but the two others had some black on the wing tips. I am sorry about the poor photo quality. Thanks for your help with ID, Isabelle
  3. Thank you all! Very helpful.
  4. Thank you both for your answers. WEGU and CAGU look so similar at this stage in life. The points you made were very interesting and gave me good pointers as to what to look at next time. Unfortunately, none of the gulls flew to show their wings.They looked quite small to me but they were quite far so it is hard to gauge their size with the distance. They were close from a floating device, only point of size comparison. Here are two more photos I cropped more, not sure if it will help. Thank you again for your time, Isabelle
  5. Hi, I saw these two gulls today in Middle Harbor Shoreline in Oakland, California. I am not sure what species they are. Thanks for your help. Isabelle
  6. Hello, I saw this bird this afternoon in Shadow Cliffs, Pleasanton Ca with a bunch of Canada geese, I wonder if it is a Greater White-fronted Goose or some sort of hybrid with a Canada Goose (maybe a Domestic Goose or a GWFG?) Thank you!
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