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  1. @PaulK As novice-intermediate birders, it was quite a fun and interesting experience to sight such an apparently unusual bird, and I'm glad I was able to get a picture of it worth sharing. My (newly acquired) understanding of leucism is that it only results in a reduction of pigmentation, but doesn't change/add coloration. If that's correct, then the pinkish-purple on the wings, flanks, etc. was already present, which may lend more credence to a PUFI ID. Although it does seem probable that this is a HOFI, with color characteristics that stray some distance into PUFI territory, I think this discussion raises at least one additional interesting question. Could this possibly be a hybrid? Happy Thanksgiving! Jim
  2. @The Bird Nuts Saw it out the window at the feeder and grabbed my camera, but once I got the door open it was down on the ground, in almost constant motion, and this was the only useable photo I got. I was hoping it would return but haven't seen it since.
  3. Captured this pic a few days ago, near Chelsea, MI. From the head down it appears to me to be a House (or possibly Purple) finch, but the light pink and white coloring on the head is obviously not typical. Is this simply an example of leucism, or another species altogether?
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