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  1. Il St Bernard Quebec today. Lousy photo, very far away. Female Canada Warbler? Prothonatary Warbler? None of the above?
  2. Thanks; the first near Huntington, Quebec, the other at Il St Bernard; chataeuguay, Quebec
  3. The first hanging on the plant; Eastern Phoebe or Flycatcher? 2nd, a Vireo? Thanks
  4. Yesterday at Parc de la Frayere, Boucheville, Quebec. Thanks
  5. These from yesterday in Boucherville, Quebec. I won't guess this time!
  6. Help please. Today, Hudson, Quebec
  7. The first is definitely a Kinglet; but the other two? Today; Botannical Gardens, Montreal
  8. Not sure what type of Sparrow. Today at Il St Bernard, Quebec
  9. A Yellow Billed Cuckoo in Quebec! That was a rare find for me; wish I could have gotten a better photo. Number one seemed large to me for a Warbler; but it's hard to judge size from a distance. The lower mandible is orange-yellow as well.
  10. Wonderful resource for learning what I have photographed! All three at Parc Frayere; Boucherville, Quebec today. The 2nd I thought was a White Throated Sparrow but I don't remember the yellow throat and streaked breast.
  11. Photographed today on Il St Bernard; Chateaugay,Quebec. A Vireo? Thanks
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