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  1. Thank you. There seems to be many subtle variations of the Song Sparrow.
  2. Another Sparrow, I'm very weak on the subtle differences. Thanks for your help. St Amable, Quebec today.
  3. St Amable, Quebec today. Thanks.
  4. Today, St Amable, Quebec. Not too much to go on, backlit, sorry. Any help appreciated.
  5. Wood or Hermit Thrush? The other, not much to go on, sorry.
  6. Wood or Hermit Thrush? The other, not much to go on, sorry.
  7. Thanks to all for your fast response! Much appreciated!
  8. I think one is a Solitary Vireo, please confirm, but I'm stumped on the Warbler. Limousin Park, St Lambert, Quebec today.
  9. Both at Parc Frayere today; Boucherville Quebec Little Vireo or Kinglet is really small, other like a female cowbird. Thanks Brian
  10. I think #3 is a young Yellow Rumped Warbler; but the other two not sure. Sorry there's not more to go by. Parc Frayere, Boucherville, Quebec last week Thanks Brian
  11. Photographed yesterday at the Technoparc in Montreal; hard to tell without seeing it in flight. Red Shouldered Hawk?
  12. Is this a Warbling Vireo? More yellow than I'm used to seeing. Thanks
  13. Such a basic bird; but I have trouble with them. Doesn't look like a Song Sparrow with the light brown colouring on the head and rump. Parc Frayere, Boucherville Quebec today. Thanks Brian
  14. Solitary, spotted or Lesser Yellowlegs? Yesterday at Parc Frayere, Boucherville, Quebec. I didn't think the Solitary had yellow legs; but they look short for a 'Lesser Yellowlegs' Brian
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