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  1. Parc Frayere,Boucherville,Quebec,and thank You
  2. Me again, I should know these by now. Are these all the same Warbling Vireo? I have a tough timewith Flycarchers. Thanks yet again
  3. Would these both be Least Flycatchers? Parc Frayere, Boucherville, QC today Thank You
  4. Today at Il St Bernard,Quebec Thank You
  5. Today at Parc Frayere, Boucherville, Quebec
  6. Agrignon Park in Montreal today, thanks
  7. First at Boucherville, Quebec, 2nd at Chateauguay, Quebec yeaterday. Thank You
  8. Today at Parc Frayere, Boucherville, Quebec
  9. So sorry, that was the only photo I managed of this one.
  10. Today at St Amable, Quebec. I usually get Song Sparrows, but not sure about this one.
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