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  1. Such a basic bird; but I have trouble with them. Doesn't look like a Song Sparrow with the light brown colouring on the head and rump. Parc Frayere, Boucherville Quebec today. Thanks Brian
  2. Solitary, spotted or Lesser Yellowlegs? Yesterday at Parc Frayere, Boucherville, Quebec. I didn't think the Solitary had yellow legs; but they look short for a 'Lesser Yellowlegs' Brian
  3. Close to the end of my trip to Ireland; and thanks to the Whatbird community for making the birdwatching here even more enjoyable. I've seen many species here not found in Canada, especially the shorebirds. Help please with this last batch of waders; and I know an Egret; but what kind. I know not mutch to go on with the group on the shore line; best I could do with the equipment I had on hand. We get Common Moorhens in Canada, is this a different sub-species? Thanks again to the responders; we learn in this hobby every day. Brian
  4. Need help with this lot. The flock was fascinating; they went by me at high speed but was able to get enough clarity for identifiaction purposes! Today at Portrane, Ireland Thanks in advance
  5. Please help with these birds; estuary near Malahide in Ireland today. I imagine the first shot are male and female Godwits?
  6. Thanks so much for the responses; these are all new birds for me!
  7. Help to identify these two please; today on the estuary near Malahide in Ireland
  8. Yesterday near Cornwll, Ontario
  9. Il St Bernard Quebec today. Lousy photo, very far away. Female Canada Warbler? Prothonatary Warbler? None of the above?
  10. Thanks; the first near Huntington, Quebec, the other at Il St Bernard; chataeuguay, Quebec
  11. The first hanging on the plant; Eastern Phoebe or Flycatcher? 2nd, a Vireo? Thanks
  12. Yesterday at Parc de la Frayere, Boucheville, Quebec. Thanks
  13. These from yesterday in Boucherville, Quebec. I won't guess this time!
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