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  1. Today in Boucherville, Quebec the first was a rather plain bird, not much in the way of distinctive markings. A Vireo? The second, more like a Warbler. A distinctive white marking on the wings. A Warbler? Thanks in advance
  2. This Swallow was flying among dozens of Tree Swallows. Is this an immature that will turn blue and white, or a different swallow? Parc Frayere, Quebec Thanks
  3. Today, Botanical Gardens Montreal. Is this a Cooper's Hawk? Beautiful raptor
  4. Today, Vercheres Quebec. Looked too big to be a Hawk. Would this be winter plumage for an Eagle? Thanks Brian
  5. Thanks for the replies. I hadn't seen a Red Winged Blackbird in these parts at this time of year so never thought of it. Brian N.
  6. Saw this bird in Boucherville Quebec today, just unusual markings for a Robin, so thought I would ask. Poor lighting doesn't help for markings. Brian N.
  7. Ident plaease, today, Boucherville, Quebec
  8. 1) Ruddy Duck without the blue bill? 2 & 3) A Grebe? Baie Du Fevbre and Boucherville Quebec
  9. 1) Gadwall? 2) Redhead? 3) No clue 4) Gadwall? Thanks in advance All photos Baie du Febvre Quebec
  10. Today, Harrisburg, PA Two Swallows and a Wren? Thanks in advance!
  11. Today at Boucherville,Quebec this morning.
  12. Photographed yesterday in Ayerscliff, Quebec yesterday. Only shot I got. Thanks
  13. Vancouver, BC, 26 Nov. Duck ident please!
  14. Today in St Amable, Quebec. Small flock, but never saw a red dot on the head on any of them. Thanks
  15. Red Eyed Vireo and Cape May Warbler? Confirmation please. Hudson, Quebec today. Thanks as Usual Brian
  16. This bird was photographed by a friend in Banff, Alberta recently. Sorry for the poor quality image. Brian
  17. I see alittle olive on top of the head, which made me wonder if this was a young male Pine Warbler.
  18. Looks like a Yellow Warbler, but I'm not sure. Parc Frayere, Boucherville Quebec
  19. Parc Frayere,Boucherville,Quebec,and thank You
  20. Me again, I should know these by now. Are these all the same Warbling Vireo? I have a tough timewith Flycarchers. Thanks yet again
  21. Would these both be Least Flycatchers? Parc Frayere, Boucherville, QC today Thank You
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