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  1. For the BAM add-on the trial period didn't effect me because I use the iBird Pro all of the time (even in Europe until I just added the UK app to my phone). As a cheap birder I could see people using the trial period of the bird sleuth and go through their pictures. But if it works...serious birders are going to have pictures to review for a long time in the future and would pay to have that capability. I'm a Droid guy and I've tried Merlin and am not overwhelmed by it's capability. It does great on a couple of birds and then will give some wild answers for some obvious birds. Rick F.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I recently downloaded the Birds Around Me add on....nice!!
  3. I was just outside of Amsterdam last week and got some pictures of a few birds I'm not sure about. Hopefully you can help...the first sixI'm thinking are all Ruffs in various plumage (and focus...ha), the sandpiper is maybe a wood or common, then the next three I'm thinking is Sedge Warbler and the last group shot is a Curlew Sandpiper, Ruff and a pair of .....?? Thanks
  4. Sorry to add to this thread with a somewhat unrelated topic. I use (and love) iBird for my android phone. Does iBird Sleuth work on androids?? Thanks for your products Rick
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