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  1. Thanks guys. With your big hint (grin) I'm calling it a 1st year female Baltimore Oriole. Bob
  2. Need help identifying a backyard bird picture I took a number of years ago at Weatherby Lake, Missouri.
  3. Thanks guys, there were certainly a bunch of Trumpeter Swans up there, along with over 100 Bald Eagles. Bob
  4. These 8 unknowns were shot at Loess Bluffs NWR in northern Missouri on Jan 12, 2022 at about 2:00 p.m. I first thought they were Snow Geese, but the far left one and maybe the far right one appears to have a light reddish orange area around the head. Thanks for any help Bob
  5. Sorry guys, I forgot that back yard isn't very defined. I live at Weatherby Lake, MO and date should be in the EXIF, and it wasn't when I thought. It was 22 Aug 2020. My how time flies when you're 84 years old. Bob
  6. Shot this in my yard about 4 months ago. The hawk stayed in the tree longer than the squirrel and gave me several poses to ID with. In fact, he stayed so long the sun illuminated him for a couple of shots. BTW - the hawk never bothered the squirrel.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Looks like crow sp. it is. Bob
  8. Hi Chip Good call. I actually found some shots on the internet that looked just like mine and were labeled Fish Crows. Bob
  9. Hi Charlie I thought crows had more of a completely dark eye. This thing looking backward's eye seems to be white or yellow. Bob
  10. I decided to look through my old original pictures again and found that we had just left the NWR area and was in Titusville, FL when that flying picture was taken. Here's the shot just before the one I posted that we originally thought Turkey Vulture or Crow. This one was taken just before it took off from a light post. I didn't save this .jpg because of its poor quality. To me, it now looks like a Common Grackle.
  11. Hi Kevin Sorry, jpg just doesn't cut it trying to recover blown out images. This is the best I could get it due to a lack of pixels etc. I first had to eliminate all the trees because they just look weird when blown out. The colors are probably incorrect also since not having the original, the program just had to guess on what it originally looked like. What are you using for a camera? I think the bottom one closest to the center and the top one closest to the top right corner are males. The other ones are too small to tell. Bob
  12. Hey Kevin What I meant was, I hadn't taken the time to create an icon for myself, so I dug out a picture I took of a Snowy Owl. I should have cropped it a little more. Bob
  13. Hey Kevin Sorry, but couldn't contain myself after I saw your bucket list, so I used your number 3 for my picture that I shot a few years ago. I also viewed you great eBird pictures online and ran across the American Wigeon you took on 4 Nov 21. If you shot that in RAW format, I think I could salvage it for you if you'd like.
  14. Hi Kevin Thanks for the quick reply. I just found a second shot just before it flew off. Bob
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