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  1. I decided to look through my old original pictures again and found that we had just left the NWR area and was in Titusville, FL when that flying picture was taken.  Here's the shot just before the one I posted that we originally thought Turkey Vulture or Crow.  This one was taken just before it took off from a light post.  I didn't save this .jpg because of its poor quality.  To me, it now looks like a Common Grackle.


  2. 2 hours ago, Kevin said:

    Hi!  I shoot in jpg. I am afraid I don't really care that much about photography. I probably would care more if I had the time, but I just don't really.

    You are welcome to try to fixe that photo up if you want to though. 

    Can you elaborate on that? I don't think I quite understand...

    Hi Kevin

    Sorry, jpg just doesn't cut it trying to recover blown out images.  This is the best I could get it due to a lack of pixels etc.  I first had to eliminate all the trees because they just look weird when blown out.  The colors are probably incorrect also since not having the original, the program just had to guess on what it originally looked like.  What are you using for a camera?  I think the bottom one closest to the center and the top one closest to the top right corner are males.  The other ones are too small to tell.



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  3. Hi Guys

    Appreciate all the responses.  What makes the most sense to me is an immature Turkey Vulture with confusing lighting.  The head just didn't seem right to me though.  Sorry, but that was the only shot I got before more exciting stuff to shoot came into view.  I highly recommend Merritt Is. NWR during migration season, although I had a lot to chose from in December.  I just hate that it's so far from Missouri. 

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