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  1. Thanks Blackburnian. I have another candidate.
  2. Saw today at Chatfield Reservoir, CO. Pacific and Common have been seen here, but the white on flanks...could it be an Arctic?
  3. Just to follow up. I posted on ebird as a Ruddy Turnstone and it was confirmed! Thanks for everyone's input. https://ebird.org/checklist/S149732819
  4. Saw last weekend at Cape May, NJ. Or maybe a Savannah?
  5. Thanks @pictaker! The immature Common Yellowthroat is all I could come with too.
  6. Saw today at a wildlife area in Eastern Colorado. Prewitt SWA.
  7. Here are the 3 photos I snapped. Heavily cropped. Sorry to not include these from the beginning.
  8. Thanks everyone for your input! Just to add to the discussion, I showed the pictures to 2 people in my local birding group and here is their conclusion: "We think that the shorebird that was displaced by the Peregrine Falcon is a Ruddy Turnstone based on the following field marks: Wing *The tips of the primaries and the secondaries are black *The base of the primaries and secondaries are white *The primary coverts are black and the secondary coverts are brown *There is an alternating rufous/brown, black and white pattern that is unique to the Ruddy Turnstone Body *The body is stocky *The underbody is white with a dark breast band. Tail *The base of the tail is white with a subterminal black band on the end of it. *Compare the tail of a Black-bellied Plover and you will see the difference. Head *There is black in the head * It has a chisel-shaped bill
  9. I was shooting pictures today of a Peregrine Falcon chasing prey at Barr Lake, CO and then saw a shorebird I don't recognize. Plover, Killdeer?
  10. Saw today at Chatfield Reservoir, Littleton, Colorado. Looks like a Juvenile with the line not extending around the eye? Or does it?
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