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  1. Thanks everyone! Much appreciated. Looking at other ebird bird posts, a Dusky was reported here by a respected local birder.
  2. Saw in Pawnee Grasslands East of Ft Collins, CO this past weekend. I assumed Least, but maybe Cordilleran?
  3. Chatfield State Park, CO today. The white on neck is throwing me off.
  4. In 4th picture. Sibley's says often raises and flips tail. Thanks!
  5. Saw at Chatfield State Park, Colordado today. Raised tail means Wilson's right? I thought maybe something more rare.
  6. Posted to ebird with photos. Thanks again for the help! Willow Flycatcher Empidonax traillii CONFIRMED
  7. Thanks guys! I'll submit to ebird and see if it "flies"!
  8. This was an area along a stream flowing into Chatfield reservoir. Here's a photo showing more context. Possible some willows on the side??
  9. Good luck with that...Swallows are hard to photograph with any camera! Their flight patterns are not predictable.
  10. Saw today at Chatfield State Park, CO. The eye-ring is kind of extended at the back?
  11. Thanks. The bi-colored bill was throwing me off.
  12. Saw today at Chatfield State Park, CO Was hanging out low to the ground.
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