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  1. Bloomington, MN today...Sorry for blurry photos taken with a cel phone. All the white is confusing, but I think there's a mustache... Is this a Peregrine Falcon?
  2. Saw a Chatfield Reservoir, CO today. Sorry for distant, heavily cropped photos!
  3. Warren Lake, Ft Collins, CO today seen with California Gull, Herring and Ring Billed Gulls. Had been reported here recently, just need confirmation.
  4. Another gull at Aurora Reservoir, CO today. Is this a Herring or Lesser Black-backed? Sorry, for distant heavy crop.
  5. Aurora Reservoir, CO today. Possibly a 1st winter LBBG? With Ring-billed for comparison
  6. Saw in Denver, CO today. Are they Song and American Tree Sparrows? Or both Song?
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