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  1. Thanks! I was also wondering if it was a female Western Tanager.
  2. Saw today at Audubon Center at Chatfield, Colorado. The white eye ring, white wingbars and banded tail has me stumped.
  3. Saw today in Golden, Colorado. How to tell apart from Hermit Thrush?
  4. Saw in Englewood, CO today. Seemed to be foraging for bugs
  5. Thankyou! Now that I look at the TT, I would agree! I just wouldn't expect to see it in a tree. I've only seen them near a pond or stream?
  6. Saw at San Gerardo, Costa Rica mid February. I can't decide between White-winged and Black and white Becard
  7. Thanks everyone. I was holding out hope, but have conceded it's a Black Phoebe!
  8. Thanks, I was just looking at my Field Guide for possibilities. Aren't phoebe's more squat? Here's the black Phoebe I saw...I guess it does have some white on it's belly!
  9. Saw in the highlands near San Gerardo, Costa Rica last week.
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