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  1. Chatfield Reservoir, Littleton, CO today.
  2. A friend helped me out on this call and ID'd it as a Rock Squirrel.
  3. Thanks @lonestranger! That's a really thought out explanation and makes the most sense. I was excited to get the shot, but it wasn't all I hoped it would be.
  4. Thanks, I just can't figure out what part of it's body is dragging on the water. It looks strange to me.
  5. Saw at Belmar Lake in Denver today. In 2nd photo, looks like it's dragging a fish or mouse or is it just it's body?
  6. Heard this while hiking in Ramsey Canyon, SE Arizona on 8-14-21. Called for at least 15 minutes, I could never find the bird. https://voca.ro/11aAcCByhoRP
  7. Thanks. You're right, at first I was confused by all the barring, but the wing shape is wrong for a Falcon.
  8. Saw today in the foothills near Golden, CO. Sorry, very distant shots.
  9. Saw today at Wheatridge Greenbelt, CO
  10. Saw this "Scarlet" Tanager at High Island, TX last month. No post processing besides a crop.
  11. Saw this in Golden, CO 3 days ago in a flock of 150 Gray-crowned and Black Rosy-finches. Was hoping for a Brown-capped as well. Looks like a 1st winter according to Sibley
  12. Wow, I need to correct my e-bird post! Thanks for the time you put into this Connor!
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