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  1. If it happened once there's no reason it can't happen twice. I'm not saying "100%, it's a WTSP", but I'm not convinced that's a SOSP. I'd like to see others chime in
  2. I'm still not not convinced. Song Sparrow generally has a more petite bill than WTSP. The white wing bar also seems more consistent with WTSP. As IKLland noted, it appears to be a younger bird where the juvenile plumage looks more similar between species
  3. Any reason this couldn't be a white-throated sparrow? For song sparrow i would expect more pronounced stripe pattern, broader malar stripes. When i zoom in, i swear there are also yellow lores
  4. I'm really rusty with hawk juveniles and this hawk seemed really small for a red shouldered hawk, which would have been my first guess. Of interesting note, the Merlin app rated the first photo as a Sharp-shinned hawk and the second photo as a Red-shouldered hawk
  5. "Definitely" ? Mmm mmm I'm not an expert in juvenile bald eagles, but I'd say it looks good for second year baldy (PLUS OR MINUS a year 😊) If you zoom in on the bill, i believe you'll change your mind
  6. I birded in person with a whatbirder in 2012 and a different one in 2013 :) I may have to send you a private message :)
  7. I've gone longer. I was most active here between 2010-2012. Someone told me there was a major server crash ...2018? All the accounts were lost
  8. You're not wrong. Dark cap and long wings for the win. God Bless America(n Golden Plover)
  9. I believe 99.9% certainty what this little dude or chica is . please confirm :) not saying so as not to poison the well? (not my photo, it's a friend's. Seen in Villages FL this week)
  10. Woodland/ open swampy Lots of coots, gallinule, limokin. Frequent Kestrel....
  11. That was actually my very first guess.. Except for the feet. And is believe the bill looks a little different than that as a nestling
  12. Hi thanks. Technically it's welcome "back". I had an account that I didn't log into for a long time. It must have been purged Anyway, I don't really think chicken. I've raised them and they don't look like that at that size....
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