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  1. "Definitely" ? Mmm mmm I'm not an expert in juvenile bald eagles, but I'd say it looks good for second year baldy (PLUS OR MINUS a year 😊) If you zoom in on the bill, i believe you'll change your mind
  2. I birded in person with a whatbirder in 2012 and a different one in 2013 :) I may have to send you a private message :)
  3. I've gone longer. I was most active here between 2010-2012. Someone told me there was a major server crash ...2018? All the accounts were lost
  4. You're not wrong. Dark cap and long wings for the win. God Bless America(n Golden Plover)
  5. I believe 99.9% certainty what this little dude or chica is . please confirm :) not saying so as not to poison the well? (not my photo, it's a friend's. Seen in Villages FL this week)
  6. Woodland/ open swampy Lots of coots, gallinule, limokin. Frequent Kestrel....
  7. That was actually my very first guess.. Except for the feet. And is believe the bill looks a little different than that as a nestling
  8. Hi thanks. Technically it's welcome "back". I had an account that I didn't log into for a long time. It must have been purged Anyway, I don't really think chicken. I've raised them and they don't look like that at that size....
  9. Not sure. I can try to find out. Photos were sent by a family member. I understand the bill is not reflective of an adult raptor, but as I said, to me it appears quite young. Maybe a nestling? The look of the bill can change quite a bit from the earlier/nestling stages of development.? Unfortunately the bird guides spend little time on nestling stages (which makes sense)
  10. I was thinking some kind of raptor based on the feet. It appears to be a nestling/flegling which is what's throwing the ease of ID off
  11. Looking for ID on the dead bird being eaten by the P.falcon.... Any takers Location near The Villages, FL last week
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