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  1. Linda Yay! 🤗 I'm so happy you were able to use my pix to help you! Sounds like you might have a breeding pair, like I do in my neighborhood.
  2. Thank you so much 😊 I didn't expect such a quick response and warm welcome. It's been lovely right from start with the super-quick confirmation from @hbvol50 and everyone's so nice. I hope I can someday pass on the good karma!
  3. Thanks so much for the link @Kevin. I actually just started using Merlin so I can have a life list, and used the Red-shouldered pictures to narrow in. But wanted to make sure, since I'm so new at this and it said they were "uncommon" in my area. I thought that other picture with the two birds in flight was really neat, like little jet fighters. Thanks for helping me know what they are too 🤗.
  4. I'm just beginning my bird journey, identifying birds in my neighborhood here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Red-tailed hawks are supposedly super common around here. But I've seen a couple of hawks during my morning walks (Dec 2021) and they don't quite look like the red-tails pictures to me. To my amateur eyes, and those of my neighbor, they look like red-shouldered hawks. Could someone more experienced take a look at these pictures and tell me what they think? The first picture, atop the mailbox post, was taken about 2 weeks ago. The other 3 pictures were taken the day of this posting. Pictures 1 & 2 were taken in the same general area. Pictures 3 & 4 were taken in a different area about 800 feet away (straight line). I was practically underneath it, but couldn't get around to see the back because of where it was. PS How evocative is it to see a hawk juxtaposed by a recycling bin?!?! And it just sat there as we walked slowly by, not more than 10 feet across the street. Thanks so much. KLG
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