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  1. 10 minutes ago, Kevin said:

    How are you ruling out several much more likely possibilities like Ring-billed Gulls? 

    Im not ruling out anything. I dont know for sure. It didnt look like any gulls Ive seen. Surfing around here for 40 years Ive seen about every gull there is here. Not to mention, every parking lot in town is full of them. Skinny, long wings and the white section underneath the wings, was the main parts that I was going by. It was bigger than a gull. Other Petrels Ive seen have just dark edges on their underwing or all one color. . This one, just the center section from the body to about halfway was white. Im not sure was the main reason I came here.

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  2. I believe I just spotted a pair of Bermuda Petrels. I was taking pictures of some Buzzards flying around my back yard and I saw them flying over. They were really high. So the pics are horrible. 
    I couldnt get the “insert image from url” to work.






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