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  1. Nighthawk01

    Flicker? Geese?

    Thanks, BN!
  2. Seen in eastern Missouri today a few minutes before this post was made. I think the first bird is a flicker. Any Cacklers in the second?
  3. Nighthawk01

    Eagle & Accip.

    Also agreed
  4. Nighthawk01

    Grebe ID

    Horned seconded
  5. Nighthawk01

    Thinking Juvi Cooper's Hawk

    Looks right for Cooper’s
  6. Nighthawk01


    I agree
  7. I think the background are White-winged and the foreground are Surf.
  8. I’ve been seeing a few Cacklers here in MO for the last week or so. Nice to see them back for the winter/migration.
  9. Nighthawk01

    Which Grackle / Blackbird?

    Cool! I live in the St. Charles area, if you know where that is. It’s about forty minutes east of STL.
  10. Well, I feel really bad for the poor Hawk. Pick on someone your own size, buddy. That’s a Red-tailed Hawk.
  11. Nighthawk01

    Which Grackle / Blackbird?

    Common Grackle. If I might ask, do you live in Missouri or are you visiting?
  12. Nighthawk01

    iBird Pro 12.0 – A Huge Update

    Ah, I see. Sorry about that!
  13. Nighthawk01

    iBird Pro 12.0 – A Huge Update

    Just out of curiousity, are there more updates with more updated drawings and info on the way.