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  1. I think it looks a little like a Willow Warbler.
  2. 1. European Serin 2. Created Lark? 3. Redstart, leaning Black 4. Stonechat, I think
  3. Ashy-crowned Sparrow-Lark for the first two. Common Sandpiper for wader.
  4. I see Blue-winged. Eye stripe is more prominent. Likely wrong, though. Wait for more expert opinions.
  5. I think they look like Canvasback, but I’m having a little trouble ruling out Redhead.
  6. This was, if I remember correctly, either last fall or summer in eastern Missouri. It’s really weird. Sorry for the commentary. I couldn’t figure out how to cut it out. Possible Bird 1 09-28.m4a
  7. Got hit? How? Did it fall or something, or did it dive bomb him?
  8. That’s a lot more than I’m used to seeing here in MO.
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