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  1. I guess its gotta be.. multiple shots show all yellow bill but maybe just a weirdo
  2. Thats what I though but look at the bill, and teh gray doesnt go down the breast far enough?
  3. Hudson river NY yesterday.. I cant figure this one out
  4. I believe it was too big to me a gadwall. but you may have it with Merganser... but as common as they are in winter here, they disappear here in spring and till I start seeing them again it just doesn't click.. thanks pretty sure thats it
  5. yesterday on Hudson river.. its a blow up of what I thought was a brant but the white wings I dont think so, looks familiar but I cant place it off hand.. was flying very fast down river.. must be a duck of some sort
  6. Thanks I figured but wasn't sure they were so yellow this time of year
  7. Yes all females... I dont think immature males wouldnt have some Adult color in May
  8. Hudson Valley NY today.. were a few fall cape Mays around, this one seems pretty yellow underneath though and some pretty heavy streaking, I dont think Magnolia but leave it to experts I cat seem to find and exact match Cape May Warbler by Jim, on Flickr
  9. Thx, yep thats what the consensus was here after I showed it to a few others...
  10. looks like a red tail to me, not sure how they say they are rare any time or any where in NY though
  11. was flying around the river very low and appeared to be fishing in flight.. it flew like a sand piper.. but not sure they hunt while flying.. mallard there for size comparison, not a small bird but not big either Mid Hudson Valley NY looks like my profile is gone... I doubled size of this image as it was pretty far out
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