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  1. I posted this to eBird as a Song Sparrow at my feeders during a snow storm near Pocatello Id. a couple of days ago, but today it's looking like it could be a Fox Sparrow. 

    The one verified Song Sparrow I've had at my feeders the last few weeks is not so big next to the juncos, and it's lighter brown on the back with finer streaks on the breast.   




    fs 07.jpg

    fs 08.jpg

    fs 09.jpg

  2. 3 minutes ago, Kevin said:

    @huntdani, I was checking out your eBird photos and you have some great birds for your yard! Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch, Common Redpoll, Cassin's Finch, Clark's Nutcracker... birds a southerner like me dreams of seeing. 

    Oh yeah, Pinion Jays to.....

    This is what comes of feeding birds in the same spot for 24 years.  On cross-country skis a couple of miles from here we spotted a Golden Eagle hanging out on a power pole.  But you still have more species.  Here I only have to pay attention to a couple of warblers. 

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  3. Thanks for checking eBird.  I was going by the range map at All About Birds and didn't think of it.   

    I'll have a look at Bannock County on eBird to see if anyone else has spotted them nearby.  They come to the feeders occasionally in the summer but I don't recall ever having seen them in the winter. 



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