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  1. Thanks for your input. I have their songs down well, but have trouble when they're quiet.
  2. Is this an Empidonax flycatcher of some kind? Someone else identified this as a pewee, but this bird had a yellow-green wash across its neck and front. I thought a pewee was gray-brown, without color. Thanks....
  3. Is it possible to tell if this is a yellowlegs next to the stilt? This is at Howard Marsh in Ohio, near Lake Erie, shot on 19 May. Thanks.
  4. Can anyone help me identify this bird? NE Ohio,wooded area along a river. The sun was setting so I bumped my ISO to have enough light, so the photo is not great quality. Thanks....
  5. Sorry for the quality of the photos. The sun was setting and I bumped my ISO to get some light. NE Ohio, wooded area along a river. Is this a palm warbler? I had seen palms earlier warbler? I had seen palms earlier in the day, but I'm not quite sure about this id.
  6. Thanks Connor for your prompt reply. That's heartening. I think I ruined my eyesight looking through all those low res photos.
  7. A Eurasian wigeon was seen on a lake in NE Ohio. I think I spotted it in a group of hundreds of other waterfowl, and I took some photos, but even with a 300mm lens and 1.5 extender, the birds were so far away that the resolution of the images is poor. I've attached 4 images here, highlighted the bird in question, and marked it with a red arrow. In your opinion, could this bird be the Eurasian wigeon? Are there any other birds that have a reddish head, light bill, and the other markings of this particular bird. Again, sorry for the low res, but I was very far away.
  8. I'll be darned. I always thought the males were a lot bolder in color. I never thought about a first year bird. Thanks.
  9. I saw this bird in NE Ohio along the Ohio and Erie Canal near Akron. At first I thought it was a blue-winged teal. It stayed very close to a small group of Mallards. Thanks for any help you can give.
  10. NE Ohio open stream, swimming with a domestic white goose. Thank you in advance.
  11. Will you do me a favor? Please go to the link below, open the green Listen button on the right, and listen to the third file down, Calls (Thayer's). This is precisely what I heard. I'm not trying to confirm this as a sighting. I'm trying to educate myself, relying on people who know more that I do. Thank you. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Iceland_Gull/sounds
  12. Thanks. In case anyone is interested in what I'm describing, open Merlin, search Iceland Gull > Sounds > and open the 3rd file down, Calls (Thayer's). That's precisely what I heard. I have not definitively identified this as an Iceland Gull. I'm more curious if anyone else has heard something similar; it reminds me of a barking dog.
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