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  1. Thanks! I knew something was off lol glad to have finally figured that out
  2. Wow yeah they did kinda look similar, white and puffy, but only about the size of a small child if I remember correctly. They were all walking into the dry marsh bed as I walked down trail.
  3. True that could be it. The birds following it around were much smaller and I believe they were all white.
  4. Hi all! I took this picture last summer sometime in July at a cool wildlife Refuge called Pinckney Island just outside Hilton Head Island. Since then, I haven't been able to put my finger on it. It looks similar to a Great Blue Heron, but there are some key differences like the multi-colored bill/beak and weird legs. There's just something different about this bird. Oh, and if it helps at all, I do recall that day that this bird was chaperoning some youngster birds who weren't too old so maybe it has to be with the breeding season. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!
  5. True that makes sense lol I'm new to the sight. It does look similar to a Great Blue Heron, but not exactly.
  6. Please help me figure out what exact species this bird is!
  7. - Tybee Beach Pier, Tybee Island, GA.

    © William Mahoney

  8. - Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge, Hilton Head Island, SC.

    © William Mahoney

  9. Wmahoney923

    'Rock Dove'

    - Tybee Beach Pier, Tybee Island, GA.

    © William Mahoney

  10. © William Mahoney

  11. © William Mahoney

  12. © William Mahoney

  13. © William Mahoney

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