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  1. Yes. Lol. Broad winged. I can’t figure out how to get it from Merlin to here?
  2. 09/20/2022, I saw a buteo type hawk fly over spring lake park in Sonoma county, Ca. I assumed it was a red tail, but then Merlin picked up a Broad-tailed hawk several times over 4 recordings. As this seems rare, I thought I should check with the experts before posting to eBird. Thoughts? 2022-09-20 1753.wav
  3. I can’t even be 100% sure that this is a bird but I’ve heard it several times in different locations along Spring lake in Santa Rosa and the water treatment facility in Petaluma. It’s very loud and seems to stop if it hears you moving nearby. I don’t know how to get files from Merlin to here so I recorded the recording. Ignore the computer sound in the middle. Hope it works! Heather 2022-06-10 1747.wav IMG_5828.MOV
  4. Heard this bird several times along Santa Rosa creek in Sonoma County, CA. I also heard drumming and didn’t hear any woodpeckers I recognize. I don’t really know how to easily record or match sounds, so I took a video. It’s faintly heard after the crow sound. Rapid trilling, faintly rising. I’m new to the area and don’t know all the local birdies yet. IMG_4584.MOV
  5. I kinda felt it was too heavily striped and streaked on the head and breast for a yellow rump. There were many Myrtle YRW’s in the area as well for comparison. Also, no yellow on butt or shoulders. I got a really good look at it, but only had my phone with me for pictures. My first thought was the black throated grey warbler, which would be much more appropriate for the location.
  6. I keep coming up with black-and-white warbler. But that would be very rare. No discernible yellow from any angle. It has a grub it’s playing with. Santa Rosa, CA.
  7. I suspected Orange Crowned as well, after looking through any bird with yellow in them. I *think* it had an eye ring, but I can't quite remember. I also feel like there was some red or orange on the head, but I didn't get much of a look at him. I had also thought maybe ruby crowned kinglet, but the wings are so plain that I suspect that to be wrong. I was hoping the splayed tail feathers might be a tipoff, as he's displaying them so nicely.
  8. Saw this guy in the bushes at Ulistac nature preserve in San Jose, CA on 1/25/22. I realize without the head it’s difficult, but the muted tail feathers may help? Small to very small size.
  9. Having trouble with this duck. Doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, especially with the white front, and tri colored bill. Seen near Sunnyvale Baylands park in the slough along SF Bay
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