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  1. Hi all! Spotted this flycatcher (I think!) species while out today, May 8, around mid morning in Brooklyn, NY. Any thoughts? It was about a half mile from a least flycatcher, but I'm having trouble telling the difference between the least and yellow-bellied. Thanks for any thoughts!
  2. @The Bird Nuts @MWM wonderful - thanks to you both!
  3. Throwing another og file pre-crop belowDSC06967.ARW DSC06967.ARW DSC06967.ARW
  4. Hi all, Not sure if this picture is gonna do it since it's low quality - but curious if an ID is possible with this bird. Seen high up in a tree on a hill in Brooklyn, NY, on May 4th in early evening near several Baltimore Orioles. Only paused for a moment before flying off. Attaching two photos. Thanks in any case! Was a fun evening birding.
  5. Just wanted to thank everyone for all of your help! Got me feeling confident enough to report this unusual sighting!
  6. @The Bird Nuts oh thanks for jumping in! That was the other option that came up when I ran it through Merlin. I will say I'm no good at color correction so I'm just dealing with whatever the camera gave me - couldn't say through the binoculars. Excited either way! I appreciate you taking a look.
  7. Thanks @Charlie Spencer! Definitely dark on the head but also a cloudy day. Was fun to watch. Much appreciate the insight!
  8. Okay another one for you all after the great help I got with that sparrow ... When: Sunday, Jan 16, 2 PM Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. Forested area with thick brush below, near the lake. What: Smallish hawk sat high in the tree for about 10 minutes (harassed by a couple nearby blue jays) before making a short flight to another nearby perch. Thanks for your help - excited for a potential lifer!
  9. Well this is awesome. Thanks so much for your help! And I'm definitely going to use this site again the next time I'm staring at the back of a sparrow wondering what I'm missing haha. Thanks again!
  10. Awesome, thanks so much (and that was quick!) What's the giveaway for you - the pattern on the back?
  11. It was weird, it wouldn't let me add the photos the first time until I edited! But all good now.
  12. New birder - need help to see if I'm able to get a positive ID on this sparrow! Options I'm seeing are Swamp, Lincoln or Song. Understand positive ID might not be possible since I don't have the belly in the photo. When: Today, Jan. 15 at around noon. Where: Marine Park Salt Nature Center, Brooklyn NY in the reeds jumping around between two hollows near the water (I'd almost say it had a little burrow in the ground or was picking at something, it was hard to get a good look). What: These pictures are the best shot I got of them (there are more blurry ones.) I'm new to this so I didn't get a good enough look to retain the field markings. There were no other sparrows around it as best I could see, if that's helpful. That's it! First time on this site so let me know if there's anything I'm missing, and thanks for any help!
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