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  1. I checked out the link to the immature Red-headed Woodpecker. Unfortunately it doesn't match up. I so appreciate everyone helping me!
  2. Thanks, Everyone! I clicked on the link but my bird wasn't among them. It was as big as the red-bellied woodpecker, 14-16 inches long but it's head was all black and both rhe chest and back were black with the white banding.
  3. I live in Southern Rhode Island on the Connecticut border. There was a bird on my suet feeder. It was large(bigger than the suet cage), it's beak was long and straight, it's back and chest was black with thick horizontal white stripes. It's shape was blocky. My dogs ran by and it stayed for another 10 seconds, so it was not easily startled. Wish I had a picture. I have been scouring pictures and haven't found anything coming even close to resembling this beautiful bird. We had high winds so not sure if it is off-course and not from this area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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