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  1. Hey everyone!

    Seen in Grindstone City, Michigan on November 16th, 2023

    This female/immature goldeneye was solitary. No other goldeneyes were seen at the location. Originally called a Common. The attached photo is really the only observation. Didn't pay much attention to it once it started to swim away and there were other birds closer. Yesterday, I was looking through old photos and noticed that it contained a yellow/olive colored bill, rather than just the tip that a normal common goldeneye would have. Looking into it, it seems that either a Common or a Barrow's could have an olive colored bill, although it is extremely uncommon. It looks like Common and that is what I and @Birding BoyΒ came to for the conclusion, but I'd like to check just to be sure.

    Note: Barrow's would be a significant rarity, and I believe a county first. So please note how rare it is when considering the ID.

    Another Note: This is the only photo I have. Sorry!

    Thanks for the help IDing this duck!

    Barrow's Goldeneye #1.jpg

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