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  1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!!! I should have just specified my thoughts for a $350 mirrorless camera was the sony a6000. You can get it for "like new" at that price and wondered if it might be a good bird camera. It have 11 FPS I believe and 24 MP (APSC). On the note of the R10 does it specifically have the Bird eye-AF? I've never really looked into that model... Also for all of these cameras I'd take thoughts on adapters too (I have a sigma 150-600mm canon ef mount currently) If sony, I think the sigma MC-11 looks like a good one. Would this significantly slow down AF though?

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  2. I originally asked for an ID on this one because my Sibley Field Guide was showing that flight feathers were different and the bird in my photo appears to match Fish Crow. I probably should have cropped and brighten the photo though so its easier to see... I didn't know that it wasn't a super reliable field mark.

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  3. Also @Avery is it possible the original bird just molted its tail feathers? I feel the GISS of the bird leans Roseate over Common except for the tail which is why I thought it was that. To my knowledge, Common would have a lot more black in the wings and Roseate has two black primaries (which this bird has) There were many molting birds at this location and many were already in Non-breeding plumage.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Avery said:

    Looks better for Common to me. Short legs, and the tail is shorter than the wing tips. Adult Roseate would have a much longer tail.

    What about this one? It has a long tail. Also what does the legs have to do with identification? I wasn't aware you could use the legs in aiding identification. 


  5. More from Race Point, MA, a week ago. This is what I think they are: (From left to right) Roseate, Not sure, I'm bad with Non-breed plumage, Common, Common, and the front one with it's head down is a Forster's. (Also I have another photo with the birds in different positions that I looked at too and can post if needed)

    Tern sp..JPG

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