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  1. Location and date please? It looks like a Razorbill to me, but if it is west coast (e.g. Ancient Murrelet range) it is unlikely Razorbill. I am not an alcid expert though
  2. Yep looks good for juncos and hermit thrush! Edit: Sniped!
  3. HELP!!!!!!!! I'M SLIPPING!!!!!!!!!
  4. We need at least a sixification to confirm this one ?
  5. Yep so pick a species you want to see everyone do, and we'll get work'in.
  6. Cool I wish mine had this feature. My parent's Sony alpha with a 300mm lens. I want to get a nikon.
  7. Wait sorry did I say the first was white-breasted? I knew it was red...I've never heard of a crop-sensor camera. Sounds cool. I need a longer lens so bad.....300mm is not so great to work with..... Edit: FYI the white-breasted's were taken at my house
  8. Thanks for all the help everyone! I guess those ducks are just hopeless...
  9. At my house I regularly see both white and red-breasted year-round. There at our feeders usually everyday, multiple times a day. I've gotten really good looks at both species. This photo can work as proof you can get close. this was at Tawas State Park, not my house though. It was taken at 300mm. Most of the time at mine house they're a bit too far for 300mm. With a 600mm you can get amazing photos of both white and red-breasted. These are some of my better white-breast ones.
  10. ummm......no. I had to photo and deleted the other one. (it was basically the same angle)
  11. Haha yeah I'd be scared too, that's why you do it before all the amazing entries.
  12. It is Wednesday! Last call! @Seanbirdswill pick at 3pm central time today!
  13. I hope you're right, Cackling's a lifer. I've already take like 2 trips to see it. Anyone else's opinion? Thanks @IKLland
  14. Whiting Overlook Park today, Michigan. The bird is really bad lighting. looks to have a neck line. I think it is a Redhead male in bad lighting.
  15. Not sure on this. Whiting Overlook Park in Michigan today. First photo is one bird. Photos two and three are of a different bird. Photos two and three have goose with a smaller bill and shorter neck, the size may be a bit large though. Thanks for your help!
  16. Definitely Eastern Bluebird. Nice find. Notice blue back and head, orange breasts, and white belly. Seperated from Western Bluebird by range and that the orange doesn't go beyond the wing and onto the back of the bird. Don't forget date.
  17. https://ebird.org/media/catalog?sort=rating_rank_desc&regionCode=US&userId=USER2111092 I use a 300mm lens. Now mine aren't super great like those, but it is possible to get full-frame photos. It takes a lot of effort though. If you scroll there are some good ones.
  18. uhhh ...................yeah.......... it is!
  19. And the winner isssssssssssss @Avery Nice entries everyone!
  20. Come on!!! Seriously that is not fair!!! You gotta at least let there be a bit of competition instead of smashing us with something this great. Truly amazing! Just WOW! Your right up there with @The Bird Nuts in the professional catagory!
  21. Okay last call! I'll pick tomorrow!
  22. WOW* *literally all I have to say for those photos
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