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  1. 5 minutes ago, IKLland said:


    @Tanager 101 no offense meant at all, I’m just trying to help your ID skills.

    Hey totally fine. I'm not offended. There is always room for improvement. I was just stating what I thought it was. besides, debating can be fun. It's not like I will always be right. About the terns though. There are terns at Bay City State Park for a lot of the year, so I get good looks at them. Maybe I can pull up some photos some other time, but there are some interesting birds. Some will be in winter plumage while some are completely still in summer. One thing I've noticed is the bill and cap don't always change at the same time. I think I should have some photos of this, I'd have to look. Most of my photos aren't on this device except through ebird, but I didn't put them all on there I don't think. I am not totally sure I have forster's though. I should have common though. I looked at some photos and I see what your saying about the Gull-billed. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/295714341 Here is a Forster's from Texas that still mostly has it's cap (although the bill color is changed already. https://ebird.org/checklist/S95477594 Here is a checklist of mine from Bay City State Park. If you look through the Common Terns you can a least see that they are not all in the same plumage. Still looking for Forster's photos.

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  2. 3 hours ago, IKLland said:

    @ me and @Tanager 101! Congrats on a great shot. Since you probably haven’t read this thread yet, it’s where we post if somebody’s photo from here makes it to the ebird top photos of the day! 


    Nope I haven't seen this yet. Thanks though. I heard there is one for sharing checklists and rating photos. I haven't exactly found it yet. Or maybe I have...I don't know. Good Job on getting your up there too! This is only the second time it has happened. The first was a couple of days ago with a Glaucous Gull photo. I didn't even really know about top photos of the day until birding boy told me the gull was there.

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  3. Thanks! I am happy to represent our state on this thread and so happy to be here. 


    ?Completely randomly ran into him

    Well......sort of..........I loved looking at his photos on ebird and would kind of stalk him to see if he added any new ones all the time. At the event the people in charge had a list of names and who was riding in each car. I saw his name on the list and had to find out if it was him because I new he lived in the area. So we ended up having a conversation and I *casually* said I had another birding friend. He was like "wait, you're into birds too?" (And then we talked about birds for the rest of the day)?so yep random. ? Actually I never really told this to him. I only said a bit of it.

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  4. I have been wondering about this sandpiper for quite a while now. I saw this on May 17th, 2021. https://ebird.org/checklist/S88451916 here is the ebird checklist. The location is Bay City State Park in Michigan. My guess is a variation of a Least Sandpiper. The size was definitely peep species size. It was about the same as the nearby Least Sandpipers. The legs don't appear to have mud or anything on them that would affect the color. At least with all the other Least Sandpipers they had more of a rusty orangish color. The photo is partly cropped. It was a sunny day and the bird is not in shadow. I got probably at least 5 minutes overserving it from a fairly close spot. 

    Sandpiper Sp..JPG

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