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  1. Hello everyone! This pictures were taken 05-17-2022 at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn New York. Merlin Bird ID showing 3 different species. 1. Cordileran Flycatcher (which is not possible around here, unless she/he is a "rebel") 2. Yellow Bellied Flycatcher (i thinks so because even looking up on branches and fighting the sun and glare i could see darker body and feathers that 3 choice that is...) 3. Alder Flycatcher. Can someone please, if is possible, help me with this "issue"?! Thank you!!!! BTW, it was "hanging around" at the same time with Eastern Wood Pewee, if that can help.
  2. Can somebody please tell what "beast" is this? Pics was taken in Lynhurst, New Jersey on 09-15-2021. Thank you!
  3. It was taken at Target Rock, Huntington, New York 09-10-2021
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