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  1. That's what i thought! Thank you Kevin!
  2. Hello everyone! I need a help with identifying this "beast". Pics were taken at Losen Slote Creek Park, Little Ferry New Jersey 05-18-2017. Thank you all!
  3. Ok, verdict is in. It's a Herring Gull. Weird, it didn't look like any of the gull, but you guys know muuuuuuchhhh more that me! THANK YOU ALL!!!
  4. Yeah, i am pretty sure that will be the case!
  5. One more pic, bad, but... Happened too fast and unexpected and walking over the RFK bridge i didn't hear any calls because of the traffic noise. I did see bottom of their body and it was yellowish with brown strikes, i think.
  6. Hello everyone! Today's birdie is a though one. Pic were taken today, 10-12-2022, in Queens New York over the RFK bridge. The only thing i can tell you for sure, that was NOT any of the gulls! Thank you everyone!
  7. Hello everyone, once again, its PITA. once again! I need help from you guys to identify this birdie. Pics were taken today, 10-08-2022 at Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn New York. Thank you all!
  8. Thanks for Common Yellowthroat, i kind of knew it, but was hoping for Chat. Warbler, i dont think is Blue Throat, doesn't have white patch
  9. Hello everyone! Today's "menu" is this. First two pics were taken on 08-27-2022 at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn New York. Question is, is that a Common Yellowthroat or Yellow Breasted Chat (it's been around at the cemetery). That white arcs are very, very confusing. And the third pic is also from Green-Wood Cemetery, it was taken on 09-08-2022. Thank you all!
  10. Hello everyone, once again, its me, PITA! Today birdie could be, i mean it, difficult one. Pic (only one) was taken today at the Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn New York. Thank you all!
  11. Alright, alright... I was kind of hoping for something else. Thank you guys!!!!
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