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  1. Hello everyone! Today's "menu" is this. First two pics were taken on 08-27-2022 at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn New York. Question is, is that a Common Yellowthroat or Yellow Breasted Chat (it's been around at the cemetery). That white arcs are very, very confusing. And the third pic is also from Green-Wood Cemetery, it was taken on 09-08-2022. Thank you all!




  2. Hello everyone once again, it's me... PITA (Pain In The ...). Today birdie could be tricky, very tricky. At least it is for me. Looks like an easy answer, Northern Parula, but... Pic, only one, it was taken today 09-28-2022 at the Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn New York. Thank you all!


  3. Hello everyone! Today's "birdie" could be "tough call". Pic (only one, but decent one) was taken at the Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn New York, today 09-19-2022. Easy answer would be Yellow Warbler, but... Is there a possibility to be immature Wilson Warbler. White circles around eyes and seems to be shaded white forehead... Please, let me know people! Thanks!


  4. 5 hours ago, Aveschapines said:

    What great, supportive, helpful messages you got! 

    There will sometimes be difficult IDs and/or mistakes that get worked out through the discussion. Reading along carefully will teach you A LOT about identifying birds in general and the specific species in question. And yes, as has been mentioned, we won't always be able to identify every bird, and not all posters will necessarily agree. 

    I don't think anyone would recommend just going by the number of responses for a particular species. The more you hang around here the more you'll learn who the experts are (often depdening on the specific species or areas). Some good things to look for are a certain amount of openness and humility (changing one's mind when given other points of view can be a very good sign); ability to cite specific field marks, especially when the ID is tricky or contested; and admitting when they aren't sure or don't have experience with the particular species. So after a while some opinions will weigh more than others in your mind. In the end of course it's up to you to decide what species to name or to leave it as not identified, and I personally am far more interested in a debate about a tricky ID than simply a series of people naming the species. 

    Also, I'm pretty comfortable speaking for the community saying not to trust Merlin as the definitive ID. It's good for giving you some options to look into, but Merlin is often wrong. Again, checking and verifying or correcting the Merlin ID will also help you hone your own skills.

    Hello there and thank you for your kind words. Yes, so true that i got helpful messages and i do appreciate everyone helping me to identify Mourning Warbler as originally Connecticut Warbler. I have to say that i didn't meant take seriously counting number of responses, it was just a "practical joke". After all if i did take a seriously, that bird will still be Connecticut Warbler. I find this forum just simply awesome. I did put few birds for "review" and every time someone will respond it to me with their opinion, what i find absolutely awesome. And i thank all of them for their thoughts, opinions and knowledge. Now, since i am relatively new to birding i have to say few words about Merlin. If there was no Merlin app, i would be hanging around this forum and most likely a lots of people will role their eyes on me on daily basis. Yes, Merlin is often wrong, but Merlin is very helpful to beginners like me. And i will take 80-20 being right (that's my own adds on Merlin accuracy) any time of the day. Once again, thank you all for being awesome and very helpful. Sincerely, Zach

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  5. I did first reported as a Nashville Warbler ("thanks" to Merlin), then experienced birder told me that is a Connecticut Warbler. Quote from the email: " I also noticed your report of Nashville Warbler in this checklist. This bird looks like it may be Connecticut Warbler. Do you have more images? Also, this is a tough species to find and a rare migrant in our area. Where did you see this? It’s worth following up on." When i changed to Connecticut Warbler, i got this email. Quote: "I wanted to reach out because these photos show a Mourning Warbler. Mourning and Connecticut can be very similar, but this bird has a bright yellow throat and short wings, both of which point towards Mourning Warbler." So, Hasan and DLecy are the winners! Btw, "THE BIRD" was captured on my photos in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn New York

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