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  1. Hey Everyone, Today amongst a large group of Mallards, and Canada Geese my son and I spotted a different looking duck amongst the mix. See the images and info below. He was much more aggressive than the other Mallards and very load. He was also very territorial towards the other Mallards and Geese shewing them away if they got too close to his log. Any ideas on what he may be? Seen in Dahlonega GA at around 1:00pm
  2. Hey Everyone, First time posting so any feedback on formatting or posting these types of questions is appreciated. My son and I have just started birding and building our life list. We saw a duck at Mary Alice park in Cumming Ga on Saturday but it was a way off. We also saw Mallards and a Bufflehead that was much closer. The duck in the image however I can not identify. I have checked through every common Georgia duck and am having trouble with the pattern around the head and neck. Hoping the community can help out. Details: January 17, North Georgia, Mary Alice Park, Cumming GA, Temp was around 29 degrees Dove under the water every few minutes staying under for around 15 -20 seconds. Black primary color with white neck and belly Thanks in advance https://ibb.co/WPX1P5x https://ibb.co/FDw16xm https://ibb.co/R7KpjSP Alex and Sakota
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