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  1. Hello Aveschapines and everyone here at Whatbird! Have been looking around, and learning so much already! What a great place! Love it here!😃
  2. Greatly appreciate the info! My birding experience is very very limited to just a few species that visit our backyard,and a few obvious ones while camping! 😁
  3. Also big THANK YOU to the Bird Nuts for their help! Just now saw your reply, and trying to figure out how everything works.
  4. Thanks so much Kevin! Was hoping it was an Orange-crowned Warbler, but I had never seen one before, and thought it might be a Pine Warbler? Promise to do better in the future on details. Thanks so much to the mods for their patience with a newbie! 😁
  5. So sorry, I think I posted this to the wrong forum - should be in North America.
  6. Newbie here! I was hoping someone could help me ID this small pale yellow bird that has been visiting my bird feeder, this past month. Thanks so much!
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