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  1. Mar 20 2022 BC Canada What's up with this "Collared-dove"?
  2. And another angle I know it's an American Goldfinch, but I'm more interested as to why it looks like that>
  3. A striking female leucistic Wood Duck. Looks quite different compared to a normal one and really stands out.
  4. What's up with this goldfinch? It seems to be missing most of the black spot May 3 2021 And for reference anothr one same pose, same day. Is it just a weird moult thing? Old age balding?
  5. yep, that white goose is the same one. Just thoughts it be nice to have a look with the wings up! Yeah, for the first one i thought either CAGOxwhite front or CAGOx greylag
  6. Canada Goose x ??? Cackling Goose hybrid or leucistic Cackling Goose? It was thought to maybe be a hybrid, but appears to have white on the wing feathers which suggests leucism? Also the black speckling on the head? Both seen same day in BC, September 2021 thanks
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