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  1. He’s sitting in the rain so colors are confusing the apps. Wilmington NC
  2. Is the one with all the plumage a male and the other a female? wilmington, nc
  3. An app did say blue Jay and I have seen them frequently around my feeder. App said one with wings out yellow-rumped warbler. I’m thinking the other two were both warblers. Thanks for the help.
  4. Got errors uploading. I think there all there now.
  5. Three different birds. I have seen some yellow-rumped Warblers lately. I think maybe some of these could be that.
  6. Not very good photos. Caught these in tree yesterday afternoon. Wilmington, NC
  7. At first look, I thought this was 3 females and a male. I’m wondering if the mallard in the rear is actually an eclipse (molting) make?
  8. Apps are saying Eastern Kingbird. Is that correct? Wilmington, NC
  9. Wilmington, NC He was hiding in a bush. I had to use manual focus. Apps said everything from Cardinal, Finch, Bunting, Tanager. any ideas?
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