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  1. I believe this is a house finch. But is it adult or juvenile? Male or female? Wilmington NC
  2. Apps gave both choices. Wilmington NC 7/23/2022
  3. Porters Neck Plantation-7/13/2022-Wilmington NC
  4. I assumed this is a Great Egret but the apps seem confused. Is it a Great Egret?
  5. I know this is a Northern Cardinal. But is it male or female and adult or juvenile?
  6. Seemed smaller that the Mallards I’ve been seeing. She had a brood of ducklings with her.
  7. He says it was orange juice color. I’m thinking female orchard oriole? Image is from iBird Pro.
  8. Could it be some sort of Flycatcher? Ash-throated? Acadian?
  9. I went through the Carolina Birds field guide and could it be a female Orchard Oriole? I blew up the picture from another member where the bird was hardly visible in the tree.
  10. Wilmington NC apps identifying both these as House Finches. But their colors look different. Is one male and the other female?
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