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  1. It took me a minute to understand what you were all talking about, where I live having a bird feeder or counting how many species visit is such a foreign concept? it’s usually just the same House Sparrows and Bulbuls, it’s not worth counting. The only times you would see anything of note is when you’re out near water or desert, the most interesting thing you might see from your house is a Ring-necked Parakeet
  2. Thank you for the suggestion! The Swallow-Tailed Kites look so elegant, and in my research I might have seen a video of them doing a roll, but the quality is too low to be sure, either way, lovely birds. I think I’ll draw one
  3. I did happen upon a few photos of Greylags doing this, and I believe it’s called “whiffling” and is used to slow down and descend quickly. That is a wonderful photo of it though, thank you! I’ll look out for this next time I see any geese.
  4. Hello! New here, please tell me if I’ve made a mistake. I am an artist, and I’ve heard about birds doing all kinds of aerial maneuvers, particularly barrel rolls or flying upside down. I wanted to illustrate this, but I wasn’t sure what kind of bird would be doing this. I know ravens often do tricks for fun, or to show off, and hummingbirds have near 360 degree movement, but I’m partial to the bold rectangular heads, broad wings, and strong feet of birds or prey. I know they might roll, dive and spin in combat, but which birds in particular would be expected to fly in this manner? Thank you!
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