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  1. Sorry - Charles M (not MN) Russell just to avoid confusion.
  2. Location is grasslands near Fort Peck in Montana. Charles MN. Russell National Wildlife Refuge in an area with open grassland with thin-bladed, medium height grasses without much scrub. I like the head and neck fine-streaks, crown stripe, facial markings EXCEPT I'm not seeing a dark lateral throat-stripe. Breast streaking seems to match many photos I've reviewed. General size and color seems good. Beak is relatively big and heavy compared to other possible sparrows. Merlin IDs it as a Baird's.
  3. Thank you both for your responses. Of course, wish it could be Yellow-billed...down here in AZ but Common is absolutely the most likely.
  4. Location of this challenging loon is north of Yuma on Senator Wash Reservoir. There has been discussions on Ebird whether this is Yellow-billed or Common Loon by others who have observed this bird but all at a much greater distance. NOTE: Photos taken just before and during sunset so colors are affected. More photos here: https://tinanauman.zenfolio.com/p943911403
  5. Just took more photos of another "Sage" Sparrow and honestly think I have both the Bell and the Sagebrush here - which is possible. This new one has a completely plain back and sang the Bell's song. So, don't worry about trying to figure this one out. I'll keep working at my several hundred photos of them all.
  6. Anyone out here an expert on these 2 birds? I'm on Salton Sea near the State Park headquarters in one of those areas where both can be found so range doesn't help. Photos are better than anything I can describe.
  7. I am on the Salton Sea at the state park headquarters - NE shore. Bill is yellow with red spot and black spot closest to tip. Legs and feet are obviously pink. Neck has little to no streaking/wash. Eye is light yellow iris and maybe a yellow orbital ring. Back is fairly dark. Gull is large. It is a unique individual among the many gulls. Only in the National Geographic book shows a Thayer's with the red and black spots on bill. I don't find that marking anywhere else. If that is accurate it seems that is the closest match although this gull's back seems darker. Otherwise, the bill looks like a California with the rest of it close to a Herring.
  8. This bird was in Mackay, Idaho which is north of Pocatello. Behavior and precise location make for a story but not much help with ID in its normal setting. She was crossing Main Street and when I pulled over to observe she flew to the hood of my car where she remained until I exited the car. She appeared to watch for cars and wait for them to pass as she crossed the road. I've gotten opinions of Spruce, Sooty and Dusky from others. The Sooty would be a Rare sighting according to Ebird but the plain grey neck and head give support to the ID. Spruce and Dusky are the expected species for the area. ID points that I see are the very plain grey neck and head, breast with some fairly heavy marking up high and not as bold lower. Strongly marked on the side. You can't help but think "why did the chick.....grouse cross the street?" The answer is it crossed the street to give me my 500th life bird and a fun story.
  9. Cooper's, Goshawk or something else? I am camping on Mt. Rose outside of Reno, Nevada at 8500' elevation in a pine forest/meadow area. I am on the Tahoe Rim Trail, specifically the Interpretive Meadow Trail. There have been Goshawks in the general area but not precisely here. Photo taken with Canon 7D and 100-400 zoom lens. Taken at 400 zoom with LOTS of cropping during editing. It was not close! Goshawk Immature - Appears to have a light colored supercillium. It seemed larger than a Coop but always hard to tell from a distance. The streaking on neck and, from what I can see, on breast is heavy. Lacks the more mottled back. Cooper's Immature - More common although I don't if true at this elevation. More solid colored back.
  10. Thank you. I will add that Madera Canyon is just south of Tucson AZ up in the mountains. The ID of Hutton's looks good with my Sibley's. The songs seems different but it is entirely possible that I am remembering it incorrectly after a day of birding.
  11. Sorry. Madera Canyon is a little south of Tucson Arizona up in the mountains.
  12. Yesterday behind the Santa Rita lodge on the nature trail in Madera Canyon. Bird was moving quickly through trees at mid-level. I thought this was a Plumbeous Vireo when I heard the continuous slow short phrases with a second or two between but when I looked at the photos it seemed to have too much color. Almost looks like a Cassin's but it doesn't have a well-defined wing-bar and the white on the eye also seems a bit muddled without a distinct spectacle. it is also a migrant here and Ebird is not showing reports of them in this area. The belly seems a very even yellowish wash. The beak does have a small hook and it does have whiskers. Yellowish color on edge of wings was a distinct feather.
  13. Taken yesterday afternoon on Proctor Rd in Madera Canyon in the dispersed camping area that many Mesquite trees where this bird moved fairly rapidly through the foliage. A substantial bill for its size that has a small hook, whiskers, yellow wash to underside of belly, fairly white under beak, white line above eye, plain-colored back with no apparent wing bars. I've had trouble recalling the size but would estimate the large range of 5-7".
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