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  1. Yes, just looking for community verification.
  2. Today, Walnut Canyon Reservoir / Oak Canyon, Anaheim Hills, CA. Unexpected sole loon on the water. Only other birds present were DCCO and WEGR. Photos are very poor, camera at extreme focal length.
  3. I'll see if I have other, "less sunny" photos for truer color reference.
  4. I actually had a WTSP visit my yard and got good photos. But I think it was a random visitor and was alone. Not one of my “regulars“.
  5. Yes, I'm DrewHatcher on eBird. I believe we met at Esencia several weeks ago. Martin Fee and I saw you with Thomas Wurster and we got the Swamp Sparrow together.
  6. No tail flicking. Bird was motionless and silent.
  7. Bird was perched alone high in tall Sycamore on the edge of an Oak woodland clearing. Ideally I would also want to see primary extension, but bird flew off. I now like either DUFL or GRFL.
  8. Today, Anaheim Hills, Orange County, CA - Foraging in Coast Live Oak, very poor photo, best guesses are ok, no intention of listing. Thank you.
  9. Today, Anaheim Hills, Orange County, CA. Perched in Sycamore.
  10. Yes, I was looking for thick black streaks on breast converging into a black spot in the center. Thank you.
  11. Today, Orange, Orange County, CA. Just another SOSP?
  12. Today, Orange, Orange County, CA, yard.
  13. I figured as much. I know I need a back shot. Allen's also present and picked up by Merlin. Any suggestions on how to list? Hummingbird sp.? I think I need to go back...
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