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  1. Still struggling with gulls. Strait of Georgia, this week. Several miles from shore.
  2. Strait of Georgia this week. Black-legged?
  3. Makes sense. I also encountered my first decoy yesterday. One of several being used.
  4. Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, Huntington Beach, CA.
  5. Challenge shooting through chain-link. No quite sure where to start with this one.
  6. When I was there in early April I saw several on the north side of San Simeon Point, near the elephant seal rookery.
  7. Good for you. I got Pigeon Guillemot in San Simeon, CA. Red mouth was distinctive, as was the high-pitched call. Flew from rocky shore to outer surf, swam for a bit, then flew back. Black Guillemot range much farther north.
  8. Revisiting the guides, Hutton's upper wing bar more prominent than Bell's almost nonexistent upper wing bar. Bell's habitat matches hotspot where seen, willowy streambed but only a few Oaks in this section.
  9. Hutton’s Vireo was my second choice. Bushtit so ubiquitous and was heard, and bill hook not readily discernible and color not real clear. But eye ring and wing bars say Hutton’s Vireo.
  10. Orange County, California. Irvine Regional Park this afternoon.
  11. Or Yellow Warbler? Poor focus. Orange County, Irvine Regional Park. This afternoon.
  12. San Diego Creek, Irvine, CA, today. Recently fledged? Guides don't show lighter plumage. Ring on bill indistinct.
  13. Bird came back for meal worms and I had camera ready. I'm thinking female Hooded Oriole?
  14. At feeder today in Orange County, California. iPhone photo best I could do.
  15. Mammoth Creek in Mammoth Lakes, CA (Elev. 7000')this weekend.
  16. Pond on Mammoth Creek, Eastern Sierra Nevada, California. 7000 feet. Last Friday.
  17. Thought I saw a hint of black on the crown…
  18. No good photos, several yellow birds present. AMGO, LEGO, OCWA, COYE? Fairview wetlands, Orange County, CA this morning.
  19. Or COYE? Fairview Wetlands, Orange County, CA. This morning.
  20. Thank you. Sibley and Nat Geo no help with juvenile of this species. I saw a female in the same tree, presumably mom.
  21. In Sycamore tree, Newport Beach, CA upper bay. Today.
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