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  1. Please check out this Live Bird Feeder Helping Birds and Nature, Thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InELwoW0OwY I want to connect people with and help nature by inspiring you to attract more birds, animals, and wildlife to your yards and mine. This feeder is dedicated to World Peace. So make sure to watch the LIVE bird cameras in my backyard. You can expect to see a wide variety of species common to the eastern United States. I have built a feeder station with a roof to shelter them from snow rain and squirrels. I hope to be a waystation for migrating birds, it is a cold winter and they need food to survive and travel. Please, let us all do our own little part to help them in their daily struggle for life. So LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to help me feed them. THANK YOU. I also do this for my love of birds. My late mother sat me down when I was a very little child and told me "No matter what hardships you may face in life Son, Always look at God's Natural Beauty, the beautiful birds, flowers, and trees, and oh don't forget the butterflies" So may we find peace, wonder, and divine beauty in birds and nature.
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