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  1. 8 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    Which fields do you use to store the location names?

    XMP and IPTC Country, State, City, and Sublocation. IPTC is a fallback as it gets truncated at 32 characters. After uploading, I use the Geonames API to fill in the County column in my database as well (and I can fill in the other fields if they're missing).

    • Country, State, and County are pretty obvious for the US, and when I happen to take photos in other countries, it shouldn't be hard to figure those out.
    • City is the first tricky one. If it's a location within a city, I'll fill in the correct (usually incorporated) city name. If it's somewhere a bit far from civilization (which isn't uncommon with wildlife), I may use the name of the protected area, national forest, or mountain range, such as "Lake Mead National Recreation Area."
    • Sublocation is usually the hotspot name, like "Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve," but in larger areas I'll put the area as the city and the exact location as the sublocation.

    In the end, it doesn't really matter, and I may tweak things further in the future once I figure out how I want to utilize the location filters on my site.

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  2. I moved from Windows to Linux a year before Windows 8.1 went EOL, and at the same time I switched from Lightroom to Darktable. There were a lot of learning pains in that process, and I fell severely behind with editing in early 2022.

    To answer the main question, I organize my photos in folders like below, inside a "Nature Photography" folder in "Pictures." I just dump the files directly from the camera into the respective folder, along with the GPX track file if I have one. I also dump audio recordings into the same folder. (These are just examples, not actual trips. Yes, putting the year twice is redundant. Maybe I'll drop that in 2024.)

    • YYYY > YYYY-MM-DD Hotspot Name
      2023 > 2023-11-27 Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

    If I visit multiple hotspots in a day, I do this instead:

    • YYYY > YYYY-MM-DD > # Hotspot Name
      2023 > 2023-11-27 > 1 Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
      2023 > 2023-11-27 > 2 Clark County Wetlands Park

    And multi-day trips:

    • YYYY > YYYY-MM-DD ~ [MM-]DD Trip Location > [MM-]DDa Hotspot Name
      2023 > 2023-11-23 ~ 27 Utah > 23a St. George
      2023 > 2023-11-23 ~ 27 Utah > 23b Hurricane
      2023 > 2023-11-23 ~ 27 Utah > 24 Zion National Park

      2023 > 2023-11-23 ~ 27 Utah > 25 Zion National Park
      2023 > 2023-11-23 ~ 27 Utah > 26 Bryce Canyon National Park
      2023 > 2023-11-23 ~ 27 Utah > 27a Bryce Canyon National Park
      2023 > 2023-11-23 ~ 27 Utah > 27b Cedar Breaks National Monument

    After copying photos, I run a Python script I wrote to automate using ExifTool to geotag the photos and insert location names in certain fields. I formerly used the Windows-only GeoSetter for this, which is pretty much broken now due to not receiving updates.

    Then I fire up digiKam to begin culling. If I don't have a GPX track or don't want to bother with the location names, I can geotag here as well.

    After I delete all the junk (and actually have time to edit), I bring the photos into Darktable, tag them with the species information, and edit the ones I like.

    I finally export to JPEG and upload to multiple sites. Most photos go onto my website, the bird photos and audio go onto eBird, and the best photos go onto Flickr.

    My website handles all the tags that I use to automatically put everything into a database. I've been rebuilding it to improve the searching functions, but there's a lot of work left to do, and still over a year of photos to edit.

  3. Let's see, either everyone gets it right away or has a hard time with it...

    birdie 🐦 #552: 🟩

    Oh, I see. I have seen this bird (alive) before.

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  4. birdie 🦆 #546: 🟥🟥🟩

    A familiar bird when I'm in the right area. I really need to stay off the Rare Bird Alerts before playing Birdie because my first two guesses weren't close.

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