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  1. This bird was in the Smithsonian Zoo in the Amazonian exhibit. I cant find anything that looks like it besides the yellow winged blackbird, but the yellow winged blackbird doesn't have the yellow under tail coverts that this bird has and it does not belong to the amazon. Please help me identify this bird.
  2. Alright, @Snarkhunteris the winner. Its a great drawing!
  3. No Problem! I will extend it to Tuesday, the 14th, at 6:00.
  4. Thank You! Lets do the Roseate Spoonbill (Tell me if we have done it already). The deadline will be June 12th at 6:00.
  5. Here is mine... I don't know why it's upside down.
  6. A Snowy Egret Flying Away.
  7. Yeah, I don't know how that happened 🤣. It defiantly was in the South American Exhibit because It was in with the Patagonian Cavy and Tamandua.
  8. I somehow thought Grey Catbirds were Dark-Eyed Juncos.
  9. This is the first Pileated Woodpecker I have ever seen. I got really close to me too. It's not very good quality because I had to take it with my phone.
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