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  1. Thanks to both of you! Acadian is actually a lifer!
  2. Yes, Eastern Phoebes. Nice little birds, always ready for a photoshoot ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  3. Hi All, I saw these two birds yesterday in Northwestern New Jersey, near the Delaware Water Gap: https://ebird.org/hotspot/L4667640 The first one is, I think, an Acadian Flycatcher: compact shape, green overall, flat forehead, narrow eye ring, medium length primary projections. Sorry, I don't have a picture with the tail. Can I get a confirmation? The second one is likely a Red-eyed Vireo. But, I find the bill to be very narrow. I don't have other pictures to show the head. So, Red-eyed or something else? Thanks for your help.
  4. Red-headed Woodpecker matches the description: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Red-headed_Woodpecker Beautiful birds !
  5. 1- a redstart, a common redstart, I think 2- white wagtail 3- ruddy turnstone 4- male european blackbird I hope you enjoyed your visit to Lisbon, itโ€™s such a beautiful place!
  6. Thanks ... again. Yes, I think the first one is a Anna's and the second a Costa's. Third, I'm not sure. As for the fourth one, you're probably right. Because of the rufous sides, I thought it could have been a broad tailed (they are a few reported in the area that late) but the color is not extensive enough.
  7. Thanks. Hopefully, others can help with the others.
  8. Hi all, Happy New Year. I was last week in Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson, and saw a few hummingbirds. I'm afraid I'm not good at identifying them, so I'm hoping to have comments or confirmations. Thanks Picture #1 - What: Possibly Anna's - Where: Granada Park, Phoenix, AZ (https://ebird.org/hotspot/L815678) - When: Dec. 23 Picture #2 - What: I think this is a Costa's because of the white / light grey underparts - Where: McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Phoenix, AZ (https://ebird.org/hotspot/L388509) - When: Dec. 24 Picture #3 - What: male Costa's ? - Where: Sabino Canyon, Tucson, AZ (https://ebird.org/hotspot/L129072) - When: Dec. 26 Picture #4 - What: Possibly Anna's, but the rufous flanks have me thinking ... - Where: Sabino Dam (same as previous, a bit more upstream) - When: Dec. 26
  9. Hi All, What: I'm not quite sure if these swans are Tundra or Trumpeter swans. Tundra have been reported on ebird on this lake (https://ebird.org/checklist/S61865647) and I think I can see a light colored spot at the base of the bill on some pictures. But I'm not sure so I'd like opinions. Sorry, bad pictures. Where: Bamber Lake, NJ (https://ebird.org/hotspots?hs=L4145068&yr=all&m=) When: Today, Dec 3 Thanks !
  10. What: I think these are Swainson's Thrushes, 2 different birds (pictures 1 & 2 are one bird, picture 3 another one). Please confirm. Where: Dry Tortugas NP, inside Fort Jefferson When: September 19 Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm still processing the about 1K photos I took during my recent trip to the Keys and I need confirmation on a few birds. What: I think this is a female Summer Tanager, yellowish overall, light colored bill. But eBird reports only 2 Summer Tanagers on the Dry Tortugas on September in the past 10 years, so I'd like to make sure. Where: Dry Tortugas NP, inside Fort Jefferson When: September 19 Thanks!
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