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  1. Least. Yellow bill and white forehead.
  2. These are Guans, I think. Maybe Blue-throated piping guan, but I'm not sure of the species. South American birds, I have seen related species in Brazil.
  3. Depending on where in Alaska, they have been reported in the south part. But rare, obviously.
  4. I'm certainly not the most knowledgeable with sandpipers, but isn't the bill too long and the eyebrow too large and in contrast with the rest of the head to be a Semipalmated Sandpiper?
  5. Field sparrow. Pink bill, gray face with rusty cap and eyeline/cheek.
  6. Female Blue Grosbeak, with this huge bill. The color on this picture seems about right.
  7. Undertail coverts are too red and contrasting with the tail feathers to only be a shadow. At least, that's my opinion 😏
  8. Yes, I wasn't sure about the actual eye color (hence "This could be..."). The picture is underexposed and makes it difficult to clearly determine eye color.
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