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  1. Note that Ospreys are only distant relative to eagles, hawks and harriers, since they are in a separate family (Pandionidae). Ospreys can be found on all continents (except Antarctica, of course 😃) FWIW, the second bird looks like a Red Shouldered Hawk to me, with translucent crescents near the tip of the wings which are, I think, a good marker. Also dark eyes and squared wings.
  2. Indigo Bunting (male in winter clothing 😄) , the bill on a Grosbeak is much larger. Yes, I think this is an Orange-Crowned Swamp Sparrow with the dark cheeks and buffy flanks.
  3. That's not what I'm seeing here. I'm not saying it's your imagination ... it could be mine but this bird looks like an icterid to me, not a finch.
  4. I agree with all the IDs, except for Photo 2. I think we have a female cowbird here, not a finch.
  5. Nice! I'll ask you if/when I want to go back to Central America
  6. I saw them many times during my one week stay in Belize a few years back: the resort was leaving fruits outside to attract birds. But I don't remember hearing them sing. Shame: I have to go back !
  7. Hi all, Is this a Cooper's Hawk? Pictures taken yesterday, in my backyard (Somerset County, NJ). Sorry for the poor pictures, I just had time to grab the camera and shoot through the window & screen. Thanks.
  8. Yes, I like the bold purple idea! it makes it very easy to read and understand.
  9. This is a very nice post, here are a few comments: - This text is long and I'm sure not all new members will read it entirely before they post. It might help to "summarize" it in the title, something like: How to Request a SUCCESSFUL Bird ID - WHERE - WHEN - PHOTO or DESCRIPTION. These 3 steps will always be displayed at the top of the first page as a reminder. - For now, there is only one forum, for North American birds, with a broad "Help Me Identify a Bird " title. Maybe we could mention this again in the "Where" paragraph, and ask to tell the country/world region until there is another forum for world birds available. - Photos: this was a big problem with the previous host. I feel that we could explain a bit how to post pictures; it could be done in a separate pinned post. - I agree with The Bird Nuts on a low limit of birds per post. Not only it helps, I'm sure, people who give IDs, it also helps people like me, who are still learning. I remember it also helped me on the previous forum, forcing me to group similar birds per post, one for song birds, one for shore birds, ... instead of dumping a lot of pictures without making a pre-screening. It is a learning tool of sorts. Thanks for doing this.
  10. This is a Cuckoo, a Black-billed I suppose. Long tail, brown on top and plain white bellow, curved bill. Also look at the feet: 2 toes forwards and 2 backwards, like woodpeckers.
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