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  1. PascalNJ

    Looks like an oriole?

    Spotted Towhee - male.
  2. That's not what I'm seeing here. I'm not saying it's your imagination ... it could be mine but this bird looks like an icterid to me, not a finch.
  3. I agree with all the IDs, except for Photo 2. I think we have a female cowbird here, not a finch.
  4. Nice! I'll ask you if/when I want to go back to Central America
  5. PascalNJ

    LBB in Puerto Vallarta

    Blue grosbeak female or immature ?
  6. I saw them many times during my one week stay in Belize a few years back: the resort was leaving fruits outside to attract birds. But I don't remember hearing them sing. Shame: I have to go back !
  7. 1- Great kiskadee 2 & 3 - Blue-gray tanager
  8. Hi all, Is this a Cooper's Hawk? Pictures taken yesterday, in my backyard (Somerset County, NJ). Sorry for the poor pictures, I just had time to grab the camera and shoot through the window & screen. Thanks.
  9. Yes, I like the bold purple idea! it makes it very easy to read and understand.
  10. This is a very nice post, here are a few comments: - This text is long and I'm sure not all new members will read it entirely before they post. It might help to "summarize" it in the title, something like: How to Request a SUCCESSFUL Bird ID - WHERE - WHEN - PHOTO or DESCRIPTION. These 3 steps will always be displayed at the top of the first page as a reminder. - For now, there is only one forum, for North American birds, with a broad "Help Me Identify a Bird " title. Maybe we could mention this again in the "Where" paragraph, and ask to tell the country/world region until there is another forum for world birds available. - Photos: this was a big problem with the previous host. I feel that we could explain a bit how to post pictures; it could be done in a separate pinned post. - I agree with The Bird Nuts on a low limit of birds per post. Not only it helps, I'm sure, people who give IDs, it also helps people like me, who are still learning. I remember it also helped me on the previous forum, forcing me to group similar birds per post, one for song birds, one for shore birds, ... instead of dumping a lot of pictures without making a pre-screening. It is a learning tool of sorts. Thanks for doing this.
  11. This is a Cuckoo, a Black-billed I suppose. Long tail, brown on top and plain white bellow, curved bill. Also look at the feet: 2 toes forwards and 2 backwards, like woodpeckers.